100 Series Installation Instructions


The P1 Engine heater is designed to create cooling system temperature prior to starting the engine. It is not designed to heat the engine to normal operating temperature.

The P1 engine heater will take approximately 45 minutes to heat a 4 cylinder aluminium engine. The P1 Engine heater has a fast, sensitive automatic temperature control that shuts the heater off once it reaches the desired temperature. The engine heater will automatically turn back on once the engine heater senses a temperature drop of approximately 10-15*F.

P1 Engine heater Installation Precautions:

The P1 Engine heater must be installed 20-40cm below the highest point in the cooling system.

The P1 engine heater can be installed inline or parallel in the cooling system.

Ideally the P1 Engine heater should be installed vertically as this will aid bleeding air from the cooling system. The engine heater can also be installed horizontally as long as any air is evacuated from the cooling system.

Installing the P1 Engine heater

  1. Select the location where you want to install the P1 Engine heater. (ideally vertically mounted)
  2. Connect hose to the inlet side of the engine heater.
  3. If you have air bleeds in the system OPEN them now to assist filling.
  4. Add anti-freeze liquid slowly until anti-freeze liquid flows out from the P1 Engine heater outlet.
  5. Connect the outlet hose to the engine heater and fill the cooling system to the desired level with anti-freeze.
  6. Close any air bleeds fitted to the cooling system once all the air has been evacuated.
  7. Check for any leaks in the cooling system.

**Any leaks in the cooling system will cause engine heater failure!**



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