Sander Tubular Torsion Bars

  Sander Engineering 1″ Tubular Torsion Bars are now available at P1 Australia.

Sander Torsion Bars have been winning races since 1979.

Sander tubular torsion bars save about 3 pounds per bar. In addition, they react more quickly than solid torsion bars because they don’t have the center to slow their twisting motion. Sander has made the tubular bars bigger in the center to allow for the hole and are stamped with the solid bar size. They will have the same rate as the solid bar, with a bigger center.

Have you noticed you cars handling isn’t the same as it once was? This could be because your torsion bars have have “gone off”. Have they been in for more than 20 meetings? New bars could get you back to victory lane!

Contact P1 Australia now and start the season fresh with new Sander Engineering Tubular Torsion Bars.


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