Shock 6 Pack

Exclusive CSI Shocks offer for V6 Wingless Sprintcars.
With the ultra competitive competition in Australian Wingless racing, gaining an edge over the competition is vital.

Why choose CSI Shocks by P1 Australia?
All CSI Shocks are hand built and dyno tuned to exact specifications unlike many “mass produced” shocks. This means you get what you ask for!

The CSI Tuner Six Pack consists of 6 custom valved RS15 non adjustable shocks.
4 x STD valving. (suitable for most track conditions)
2 x Front Slick track valving. ( perfect for when track grip decreases.)
CSI Six Tuner Pack $2500 plus shipping.

P1 Australia is a Factory Trained & Authorised CSI Repairer. We also stock a comprehensive range of spares.
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