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Est. 2008

P1 Australia founder Glenn Revell discovered after a lifetime of competing in Speedway it became obvious that traditionally Australian racers’ had a difficult time obtaining quality racing components for a reasonable price. Most racers stocked up on parts whilst holidaying in the USA in our off season. After many years of doing exactly this we discovered that the Americans did not manufacture all the parts that racers required in USA! They outsourced to overseas companies just like what happens with most day to day products in Australia! So the search to find the quality products we required began. What a journey we started!

Racers with Racing solutions


P1 Australia - Racers with Real Racing Solutions

released to the motorsports industry in December 2019

BLACK Ti, developed by P1 Australia, is a range of racing titanium components with a unique black coating. The black coating is similar to anodising used on aluminium. The coating is very durable and resists wear.

The BLACK Ti range is ever increasing due to popular demand so contact P1 Australia for the latest updates or check our Facebook page.

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